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Congratulations to Virginia’s Inaugural Local Product Council Members!

Sal Musarra
LPC Chair
Kimley-Horn & Associates, LLC
Jane duFrane
LPC Vice-Chair
Highwoods Properties
Eva Wiggins
LPC Program Chair
Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate
Andrew Ryan
LPC Membership Chair
Commonwealth Partnerships
Bill Burruss
W.H. Burruss III Inc.
Kristen Costello
Barton Malow Company
Duke Dodson
Dodson Property Management
John Dunlap
Dunlap & Partners Engineers
David Ermini
HBA Architecture Interior Design
Kim Kacani
HHHunt Corp
Evan Kaufman
Hopewell Downtown Partnership
Jack Middleton
Commonwealth Properties LLC
Andrew Moore
Glave & Holmes Architecture
Seth Tandett
Donley’s Inc
Chris Virgilio

Woodard Properties

Local Product Council

The ULI Virginia Local Product Council provides an opportunity members to share and discuss with their peers pertinent issues that real estate and land use professionals face each day. Sharing many of the same characteristics as a National ULI Product Council, the ULI Virginia Local Product Council is consistent with ULI’s tradition of sharing experiences gained, mistakes made and lessons learned. Please know that to get the most out of your experience, confidentiality is crucial.

Additional attributes the Local Product Council provides:

  • A confidential, trusting environment for educational and idea exchanges
  • Exploration of business and personal interests/issues
  • Business and personal networking
  • Professional and personal growth

About ULI Virginia’s Regional Livable Communities Council (VRLCC)

Livable communities tend to share some common traits. They are healthy, safe, and walkable. They offer choices for timely transportation to schools, jobs, services, and basic needs.  Livable communities are created through effective planning and decision making by local officials, developers, and individual residents. Making livability the highest priority, we need to implement policies and investments that make sense. This multi-disciplinary group includes developers, planner, Community Development Councils (CDC’s), investors, public sector leaders design, and construction firms.

Participants Commitment:

  • Meet 3 times per year
  • Share information/best practices
  • Participate and collaborate in collegial and active, not passive, manner



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