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Hopewell Waterfront Technical Assistance Panel

City of Hopewell Overview
The City of Hopewell requested ULI Virginia to convene this TAP program to generate recommendations for revitalizing the Hopewell Waterfront. Although there are many potential obstacles, redevelopment of the waterfront could elevate the significance of the area, improve the surrounding area, and spur economic development for the greater community.
In advance of the charrette, panelists were provided access to a website compiled by the City of Hopewell containing pertinent demographic information, historical background, surveys, and maps. On Day One, the panel was given a comprehensive tour of the waterfront by City staff and met with stakeholders. Day Two began with an intense brainstorming session to address the questions posed to the panel. Afterwards, the panel worked on various schemes and linkages for the redevelopment of the Hopewell waterfront. That evening, the panel reported their efforts to the stakeholders.
As part of the TAP program, a written report is compiled providing information from the tour, stakeholder meeting, panel discussions, and conceptual drawings. The report provides additional background, summarized information, refinement of graphics, and suggestions that can be used by the City to direct and guide the Redevelopment of the Hopewell Waterfront.

Hopewell Waterfront TAP

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