The members of the ULI Virginia are community builders, the people who develop and redevelop neighborhoods, business districts and communities across the U.S. and around the world. It is through member involvement in the various committees and program involvement that ULI has been able to set standards of excellence in organizational effectiveness.


Connect. Learn. Give Back.

At the heart of ULI are our members and the organization is defined by what our members contribute to their communities, each other, and the real estate industry. A privilege of membership in ULI is that you can become involved in leadership opportunities by involvement in our local committees.


Membership Committee | Chair for Virginia Emily Covey:

The Membership Committee has responsibility for actively recruiting new members and developing strategies for membership engagement and retention.

Programs Committee | Richmond:   Elizabeth Hancock Greenfield: | Hampton Roads: Ashley Bussey: | Charlottesville: Craig Kotarski:

The Programs Committee develops and produces programs and events to educate members, non-members, and public agencies on issues pertinent to land use and real estate development.

Young Leaders Group (YLG) | Richmond: Tyler Womble:; Kyle Burns: | Hampton Roads:; Geoff Poston:| Charlottesville: Hannah Mahaffey:

The Young Leaders Group, members under the age of 35, plans and executes regular project tour and networking events for the ULI membership. This committee also promotes functions that further the interests and educational opportunities of our younger members.

UrbanPlan | Hampton Roads: Dave Ermini: | Richmond: Robert Taylor:

ULI members volunteer at Old Dominion University or Virginia Commonwealth University as facilitators and jurors for this classroom-based program utilizing the realities of land use and real estate development in senior economics classes. Classroom volunteers  attend a full-day training. Program runs fall, summer, and spring semesters.

Our Urban Plan for Public Officials workshops introduce its participants to the trade-offs and risks at play in the entitlement and negotiation process associated with real estate development, especially in public-private partnerships.

Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) | Adena Patterson,

The Technical Assistance Panel Committee facilitates bringing together experts to provide strategic advice to municipalities and nonprofits on land-use and real estate challenges and opportunities.

Annual Conference| Jeff Nelson,

The ULI Virginia Annual Conference brings together leaders from every sector of the real estate industry: developers, investors, architects, planners, brokers, academics, attorneys, decision makers, and public officials.  Our conference is a mini version of the ULI National Fall Conference with keynotes speaker, break-out sessions, tours, and ample networking opportunities.

Sponsorship | Jane Milici:

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for recruiting and retaining our sponsors. Sponsorship support provides the financial resources for ULI Virginia programs throughout the year.

Local Product Council | Statewide: Andrew Moore:

Local Product Councils provide a forum for ULI members to discuss a broad range of topics, trends, challenges and success stories related to office and investments in the suburbs and in the city center.

Young Leader Mentorship Program | Elizabeth Carr:; Cutter Sydnor:

The mission of the ULI Virginia Mentor Program is to foster an exchange of professional ideas and mentorship between experienced executives in the industry (“Mentors”) and young real estate professionals (“Mentees”) under the age of 35. Mentees will have the chance to learn from experienced industry players and bounce career-related ideas off someone they might not have otherwise met. To gain the most out of this program, it is crucial that Mentees approach the program as an opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional, not as an opportunity to land your next job. Mentors volunteer their time to make a connection with the younger generation and there is an expectation that the relationship will be respected accordingly.

Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) | Katie Harrigan:

Supporting the WLI Mission, WLI Virginia promotes the following themes in all its initiative:

  • Leadership Education
  • Meaningful Relationship Building
  • Raising the profile of Women at ULI Washington and other industry events

WLI Virginia includes:

  • One on one mentorship program for women by women.
  • Leadership education series of events focused on providing tactics, tools and skills needed for advancement into leadership roles.
  • Meaningful networking and relationship building series of events programmed around fun and interesting activities while providing opportunities for women in the industry to build relationships with one another.
  • Signature series of events held at noteworthy venues and featuring presentations / keynote speakers relevant for personal and professional growth and development